2017 Judicial Primary Voter’s Guide

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 is Primary Election Day. Voters across Pennsylvania will be voting for municipal offices (Mayor, City Council, Township Supervisor, Sheriff, Recorder of Deeds, School Board member, etc.) and Judicial candidates.

To help you in your voting decisions, Pennsylvania Family Institute is proud to present our Judicial Primary Voter’s Guide (we will add responses as they become available):

Statewide Races

Supreme Court – choose 1
Dwayne Woodruff (Dem)
Sallie Mundy (Rep)

Superior Court – choose 4
Bill Caye (Dem)
Debbie Kunselman (Dem)
Maria McClaughlin (Dem)
Geoff Moulton (Dem)
Carolyn Nichols (Dem)

Emil Giordano (Rep)
Wade Kagarise (Rep)
Mary Murray (Rep)
Paula Patrick (Rep)
Craig Stedman (Rep)

Commonwealth Court – choose 2
Bryan Barbin (Dem)
Timothy Barry (Dem)
Ellen Ceisler (Dem)
Irene Clark (Dem)
Joe Cosgrove (Dem)
Todd Eagen (Dem)

Christine Fizzano Cannon (Rep)
Paul Lalley (Rep)

May 19 - Primary ElectionCounty Races – Court of Common Pleas

Not all counties have open judicial seats. For the counties listed below, the candidates who responded are linked for you to read their response to our questionnaire. (A good faith effort was made to survey all judicial candidates but we can only publish the responses we have received.)

Allegheny County (choose 2)
Pauline Calabrese (Dem/Rep)
Patrick Connelly (Dem/Rep)
Rosemary Crawford (Dem/Rep)
Jessica Lynch (Dem/Rep)
Mary McGinley (Dem/Rep)
David Lee Spurgeon (Dem/Rep)

Armstrong County (choose 1)
Scott Andreassi (Dem/Rep)
Chase McClister (Dem/Rep)

Beaver County (choose 2)
William Braslawsce (Dem/Rep)
Diane Zack Buchanan (Dem/Rep)
Deborah Lancos Decostro (Dem/Rep)
David Neely (Dem/Rep)
Myron Sainovich (Dem/Rep)
Mitchell Shahen (Dem/Rep)

Berks County (choose 1)
Tina Boyd (Dem/Rep)
Michael Cammarano (Dem/Rep)
Kelly Kline (Dem/Rep)
Ben Nevius (Dem/Rep)

Blair County (choose 1)
Jackie Bernard (Dem/Rep)

Bucks County (choose 1)
Jeffrey Trauger (Dem/Rep)

Centre County (choose 1)
Brian Marshall (Dem/Rep)
Ronald McGlaughlin (Dem/Rep)

Dauphin County (choose 3)
Ed Marsico (Dem/Rep)
Jeffrey McGuire (Dem/Rep)
John McNally (Dem/Rep)
Royce Morris (Dem/Rep)
Michael Rozman (Dem/Rep)
Lori Serratelli (Dem/Rep)

Delaware County (choose 1)
Kelly Eckel (Dem)
Jack Whelan (Dem/Rep)

Indiana County (choose 1)
Mike Clark (Dem/Rep)
Patrick Dougherty (Dem/Rep)
Thomas Kauffman (Dem/Rep)
Tony Sottile (Dem/Rep)

Lackawanna County (choose 1)
Julia Munley (Dem/Rep)

Lancaster County (choose 1)
Jeff Conrad (Dem/Rep)

Lehigh County (choose 1)
Melissa Pavlack (Dem/Rep)

Lycoming County (choose 1)
Roan Confer, Jr. (Dem/Rep)
Eric Linhardt (Dem/Rep)

Montgomery County (choose 2)
Wendy Rothstein (Dem/Rep)
Jeffrey Saltz (Dem/Rep)
Joseph Walsh (Dem/Rep)

Philadelphia County (choose 9)
Wendi Barish (Dem)
Terri Booker (Dem)
Lawrence Bozzelli (Dem)
Deborah Canty (Dem)
Deborah Cianfrani (Dem)
Lucretia Clemons (Dem)
Mark Cohen (Dem)
David Conroy (Dem)
Leonard Deutchman (Dem)
Leon Goodman (Dem)
Shanese Johnson (Dem)
Vikki Kristiansson (Dem)
John Macoretta (Dem)
Rania Major (Dem)
Jon Marshall (Dem)
Brian McLaughlin (Dem)
Vincent Melchiorre (Dem)
Mark Moore (Dem)
Danyl Patterson (Dem)
Crystal Powell (Dem)
Bill Rice (Dem)
Jennifer Schultz (Dem)
Zac Shaffer (Dem)
Henry McGregor Sias (Dem)
Daniel Sulman (Dem)
Stella Tsai (Dem)
Vincent Furlong (Dem/Rep)

Somerset County (choose 1)
Daniel Rullo (Dem/Rep)

Washington County (choose 1)
Kristin Clingerman (Dem/Rep)
Joyce Hatfield-Wise (Dem/Rep)
Charles Kurowski (Dem/Rep)
Phil Melograne (Dem/Rep)
Brandon Neuman (Dem/Rep)

Wayne County (choose 1)
Janine Edwards (Dem/Rep)
Pamela Wilson (Dem/Rep)

Westmoreland County (choose 1)
Anthony Bompiani (Dem/Rep)
Lisa Monzo (Dem/Rep)
Jim Silvis (Dem/Rep)

York County (choose 3)
Tim Barker (Dem/Rep)
Chuck Hobbs (Dem/Rep)
Amber Anstine Kraft (Dem/Rep)
Jim Mann (Dem/Rep)
Matt Menges (Dem/Rep)
Kathleen Prendergast (Dem/Rep)
Sandra Thompson (Dem/Rep)
Peter Vaughn (Dem/Rep)
Clyde Vedder (Dem/Rep)


Emily Kreps

We did not post anything for Crawford County because there are no open seats for the Crawford County Court of Common Pleas.

Pastor William Orf

Giving the list of candidates without their views on life, abortion, and God give us no guidance.


Why are the York County candidates listed as both Dem/Rep. which are they?

Emily Kreps

Judicial candidates are allowed to cross file for both parties. The only way to know which party they most identify with would be to contact their campaigns.

Doug Braendel

I note that many of the candidates listed are not endorsed by the PA Pro-Life Fed PAC as being pro-life. Why is that? Do you consider all of the listed candidates to be pro-life?

Emily Kreps

I don’t know which candidates are endorsed by the PA Pro-life Federation. As a 501(c)3 organization, we do not make endorsements or list candidates as being pro-life or not. We simply publish their responses to our questionnaire.

Doug Braendel

I understand – I note that only the candidates endorsed by the PA Pro-Life Fed PAC have yet to respond to your questionnaire. I’ve noted that in the past those who are not pro-life generally fail to respond, keeping their opinions hidden.

Dave Grandon

Excellent Resource that will not be found presented my our media.

Donna Rice

I have a question, Joe King is running in PA as a write-in candidate. Would you be able to tell me what position he is running for?

Donna Rice

Emily Kreps

Donna, we don’t have any information on write-in candidates because we use the information from the PA Dept. of State and they don’t include write-in candidates.

Jean Brake

Thanks you so much for this information. It is very very helpful.

Jean Brake


I continue to ask why don’t the registered/endorsed D candidates respond?

Emily Kreps

Unfortunately, we do not know why the statewide Democractic candidates chose not to respond to our guide.

Emily Kreps

There are no Court of Common Pleas candidates for Lebanon County.

Emily Kreps

All of the counties with judicial candidates for the Court of Common Pleas are listed. Butler County had no county judicial candidates.

Dianne M. Phillips

Thank you for all of the hard worK & time to research & put together a helpful list of candidates & their points of view on issues dear to our hearts & wombs. Amen.

Anne Hillegass

Your voter’s guides are so helpful. Thank you for the work you put in to preparing them.

Jean Edwards

Thank you for putting together this helpful list. I look to you every election.

Cindy Lohmann

Thanks so much for this wonderful resource! I called my local Christian radio station to ask them where could I find a voter guide that’s reliable, and they referred me to you! God bless you all for helping us make informed decisions on our votes!

Pat Mcafoos

Oh here it is Nov. 3, election day, and I had not done all my homework of information on the candidates stand that lines up with the bible–thank God I could go to a voters guide and obtain the information, pertinent questions. thank you, God Bless You


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