Unprecedented rally speaks to the truth of abortion in Pennsylvania

(Harrisburg, PA) April 14, 2015 – Hundreds of Pennsylvanians from all walks of life and all over the state gathered at the Capitol Rotunda Monday for the first ever Life Action Day.  This unprecedented event bore witness to the truth of abortion in Pennsylvania: Despite a progressive reduction in abortions over the past few decades, one in five pregnancies still end in abortion, and Planned Parenthood is performing more abortions than ever.

The advocates for life, along with several members of the Pennsylvania legislature, were the first to see the new State of Abortion in Pennsylvania report, which brings together for the first time comprehensive statistics on the business of abortion in our state.  Planned Parenthood clinics are making millions off of abortion in Pennsylvania every year, and taxpayer dollars subsidize those clinics.  The legislators, presenters, and regular citizens in the rotunda agreed: It’s time to turn off the spigot of our money to Planned Parenthood.

“Yesterday showed the importance of the facts and of the voices of the people in the debate over abortion in Pennsylvania,” said Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Council.  “And the facts and the people are clear: The last thing Pennsylvania needs is an aggressive pro-abortion agenda funneling more of their hard-earned dollars to a profitable abortion business like Planned Parenthood.”

Presenters represented different parts of Pennsylvania, including former state representative Jeff Coleman, Chief Creative Officer of the Radiance Foundation and native of Lancaster Ryan Bomberger, PA Pregnancy Care Center staff Amy Scheuring and Alison Adams, along with former abortion clinic worker Jewels Green. 

All presenters spoke to their experiences with the abortion industry—especially Planned Parenthood.  Their experience backs up the numbers: Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania affiliates sold more than 17,000 abortions, but reported zero adoption referrals.  As Ryan Bomberger said, despite the rhetoric of choice it is “obvious which choice [Planned Parenthood is] pointing women to.”

The rally also served as a launching pad for an innovative website –AbortionisPersonal.com. This is a resource for Pennsylvanians committed to understanding the true impact of abortion on women, their families and our communities. “We want to give you tools that will open up a conversation about the reality of abortion in PA,” said Jeff Coleman.

After the rotunda rally, advocates visited their elected representatives to give voice to the voiceless unborn, and to represent the millions of other Pennsylvanians who don’t want state government money being used to convince women to abort their children.  For Planned Parenthood, abortion is big business.  For the women and unborn children of Pennsylvania, it’s personal.

To download the State of Abortion in Pennsylvania report and for additional resources, go to www.AbortionisPersonal.com.

Rally Pic - 1 in 5

Rally Pic

 Life Action Day Rotunda Rally