Here are two steps every voter concerned with protecting family values should take before Election Day November 4th:

STEP 1 – Take the Pledge

“To restore religious freedom, I pledge to vote wisely in the upcoming general election by reviewing factual data in Pennsylvania Family Council’s Voter Guide.”

To take the pledge, click here.

Are You A Voter


STEP 2 – Use the 2014 PA Family Council Voter Guide 

Have you thoroughly researched the candidates on your ballot?

If not, PA Family Council is here to help.

Just click here to be directed to your personal Pennsylvania Voter Guide.

In the 20+ years of providing election assistance through Voter Guides, this is the most in-depth resource we’ve ever produced. We hope that you enjoy the brand-new candidate ratings and in-depth comparisons on state-level and federal-level candidates.

Who are the Governor candidates endorsed by?

Who is on my ballot?

What groups are giving money to my candidates?

Find out by visiting the most comprehensive Pennsylvania statewide Voter Guide available.