AG Won’t Defend: People of PA Deserve Better

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(Harrisburg, PA) – The Pennsylvania Family Institute today expressed disappointment that Attorney General Kathleen Kane will not to defend the Commonwealth’s marriage law against a lawsuit filed this week by the ACLU.

Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act, which states that marriage in Pennsylvania is the union of one man and one woman, passed by overwhelming numbers in the General Assembly, and was signed into law by Gov. Tom Ridge in 1996.  The ACLU is asking a Federal Judge to overturn that law, and redefine marriage in Pennsylvania.

“This is simply dereliction of duty by the Attorney General,” said Michael Geer, the Family Institute President.  “The statute that governs the role of Attorney General in Pennsylvania is crystal clear:  defend duly-enacted state laws*.  Apparently General Kane believes she can ignore laws she disagrees with.   This is damaging to the rule of law and the people’s trust in government,” added Geer.

Attorney General Kane was not elected judge – to pass judgment on the wisdom of laws duly passed by the General Assembly.  It’s her job to defend them.

Every year, laws are passed that people oppose.  We are not given freedom to ignore or disobey them, and neither is Attorney General Kane.  The people of Pennsylvania deserve better from their Attorney General.

We anticipate that other parties named in the lawsuit, including Gov. Tom Corbett, will rightfully take up the responsibility to defend marriage in Pennsylvania.


* From the Commonwealth Attorneys Act of 1980:

Ch 2, Section 204 (3) It shall be the duty of the Attorney General to uphold and defend the constitutionality of all statutes so as to prevent their suspension or abrogation in the absence of a controlling decision by a court of competent jurisdiction.

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Bob Werner Jr.


My wife & I want to know if any protest events are being planned. We want to become involved with any public cause that supports traditional moral marriage and other traditional moral values. Could you please let us know what we can do.

Has anyone looked into a possible conflict of interest of the presiding judge of the upcoming proceedings of PA’s DOMA law with his having presided over the previous Intelligent Design hearing which also went against religious & moral values similar to the DOMA act.

And, is there anything we can do to support the awareness of the dereliction of duty with Kathleen Kane?

We want to get involved.


Bob Werner Jr.
Glen Rock, PA

Bob Werner Jr.

Yes, it is a dereliction of duty and Mrs. Kane should be held in contempt for not upholding the law that passed by the PA General Assembly. It is her duty and responsibility to defend the laws of the state that she is the Attorney General for. She was elected to uphold the laws of PA, not turn her back on them!

Gary Crawford

What a disgrace. She should be run out of office!

How in the world are homosexual marriages going to help society? And today they are out trying to give blood! For the love of Pete, when will the madness end?!?!

Ron Elkin

Yes it is outrageous that the AG will not defend marriage, but why hasn’t the governor acted. We knew of the AG’s refusal months ago, why has Corbett appointed a special counsel to up the DOMA law of PA? Where is his leadership and concern for the welfare of PA? Write him and urge him to fire the present A.G or appoint a special counsel.

Barbara Gerow Kindon

when is her term up ? and do we have someone who WILL uphold the moral statutes which many of us hold dear? And while I’m on that thought – can legal proceedings be brought against her for her contempt of, or complete lack of knowledge (being a tiche sarcastically kind here) of what the role she has been elected to perform?


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