40 Days for Life Starts February 13

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From 40DaysforLife.com:

It’s official! The first 40 Days for Life campaign of 2013 will take place in 261 locations from coast to coast in the United States and Canada … plus cities in England, Australia, Poland and Spain — and for the first time ever in Nigeria, South Africa, Wales … and Russia!

Several groups across Pennsylvania are participating and you can find their locations at the 40DaysforLife.com website. 40 Days for Life is about committing to praying for an end to abortion in this country and around the world. Please plan on joining in prayer this Lenten season.


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Doris Faust

The Israelites cried out to GOd when evil was destroying them. We need to cry out because evils are destroying our nation. I will pray for forty days to put an end to abortion of babies.


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