Our Headline of the Day award goes to. . . “Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania temporarily halts surgical abortions”!!! (TribLive.com)
It’s rare but good news to hear that the aborting of unborn babies is halted, even if for a few weeks. Just last year, Pennsylvania Family Council helped to lead the effort to pass new regulations on Pennsylvania abortion clinics, finally filling a big gap in the law that allowed these clinics to operate outside the health and safety standards that all other surgical facilities in Pennsylvania have to follow.

It’s no surprise, but it was Planned Parenthood lobbyists that led the (losing) fight against this commonsense law that will protect women and children against butchers such as Kermit Gosnell and his “house of horrors” that was discovered in West Philly in January of 2011. The new regs were part of the formal recommendations issues by the Phila. Grand Jury’s report on the Gosnell operation.

Thank God! And hats off to State Rep. Matt Baker, chairman of House Health Committee, the pro-life caucus, and the overwhelming number of state lawmakers that voted for this new law. It’s working!