With just about two and a half weeks left before the November 6th General Election,
it’s time to get serious!

This is our last call for bulk Voter’s Guide orders. If you’d like a printed copy of the Voter’s Guide, call our office to give us your address. If you can help us distribute bulk copies to your church, friends, and neighbors, click HERE or call the office at 1-800-FAMILY-1 during normal business hours to order large quantities. We can mail the Voter’s Guides to you.

Knowing what the candidates believe is critical, especially in the state legislature where only one or two votes can decide issues concerning both life and religious freedom.

As Christians in this great nation, it is our duty to elect into office men and women who share our values — the uniquely Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was founded. Therefore, it is our responsibility to become informed on all electoral races and issues and to vote according to those values.

Online Voter’s Guide is available at www.PAFamilyVoter.com.