I always appreciate the opportunity to appear as a guest on talk radio – even when the host or the callers disagree with my viewpoints. The on-air give-and-take on significant issues of the day can help bring light to a subject often missed in the newspaper stories or TV reports that often gloss over the real substance of the story.

In the last 24 hours, I appeared on two major Pennsylvania talk shows – yesterday afternoon for the 3’oclock hour on the Bob Durgin show on WHP-580 Harrisburg, and this morning on the Bobby Gunther Walsh program on WAEB-790 Allentown.

I’ve been on Bob’s show many a time since my first appearance in 1990. The topic then was whether record albums with explicit lyrics should have warning labels. Yesterday, Bob & I (and several callers) talked about Chick-fil-A appreciation day, and the issues that swirled around it.

But today was my first time on with Bobby Gunther Walsh. Although I’ve heard his program many a time as I drove across I-78 for one reason or another, we had never connected before. A few weeks ago, he read my blog post “Penn State Falls Into a Pit” on the air. A listener called in and told me about that, so I dropped Gunther a note of thanks. He replied back, and invited me to come on his program. This morning it happened, and we spoke about Penn State and Graham Spanier, and about the Chick fil A story as well.

Here is a link to my Bob Durgin appearance.

Here is a link to my segments on the Bobby Gunther Walsh program.