Press Release: Call for Swift Passage of School Choice For PA Families

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CONTACT: Michael Geer or Tom Shaheen 717-545-0600.


(Harrisburg, PA) –  Lawmakers in Harrisburg are considering new legislation to give students and their parents more choices in where they educate their children. And that’s good news for thousands of children trapped in failing schools.

Rep. Jim Christiana, R-Beaver, and 30 co-sponsors just introduced a bi-partisan bill – HB 2468 – that would both expand the successful Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program and create new scholarships under an Educational Improvement Scholarship Credits (EISC) specifically to help students currently trapped in the worst performing public schools.

“These scholarships could bring hope to thousands of families, even in its first year,” said Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Council.

“Education funding should be about more than just which school districts get more or less in the state budget. This legislation is about helping students and families, not just sending money to schools.”

Pennsylvania Family Council calls for passage of HB 2468.


Pennsylvania Family Council

Protect the Family. Preserve the Future.


Jacqueline Chandler

This is a start. But as a parent, I should be able to send my child to the school of my choice, regardless of whether my local school is failing OR NOT!

Nancy Woodjcock

I’m glad for the choices but very upset that it is not being extended to homeschool families that are struggling to teach their children because of the very reasons the others do no want their kids in public poor teaching schools. We give up our careers
And have one income coming in but with the economy families are being torn apart to work 2-3 jobs just to make it. speaking to Rep.Llyod Smucker in the education committee, he said that homeschoolers were not considered! I do not understand why because we are registered in our school districts and considered private schools. I hope and pray we can also be included as school choice. Can Pa Fam. Inst. let us know if this will become possible?

Kristen Gibboni

Please pass this bill!! We are struggling to put 4 children through private school. The drug addiction problem in our public school is rampent. And it starts as young as 6th grade. We consider it an investment in the future of our next generation to be able to keep them educated in a safe environment. Private school seems to be the only safe haven. It seems we pay a whole lot of taxes for the public schools to turn out a bunch of drug addicted juvenile delinquents to be walking our streets. We can do better than this.
Tax credits for private school sounds like a good start. thank you

Kristy Smith

The EITC program is amazing and such a help to the families of our private school. In fact, I would be thrilled if all families received vouchers and could go to the school of their choice. Giving our families choices is the American thing to do, and I am all for it. Besides, giving public schools (just like all other schools) a little pressure to keep their students and enrollment up is healthy. It’s how all other businesses work….do a good job, earn a lot of customers and run a successful business.


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