From My Vantage Point: Sen. Jane Orie

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by Michael Geer

I was saddened to see the verdicts this week in the case against Sen. Jane Orie. It’s hard to know what to make of the lengthy jury deliberation, and the competing and conflicting testimony from aides to the Senator. And I certainly can’t make any definitive judgment from my vantage point on whether the case against her was politically motivated, as some suspect.

What my vantage point from years of working with Jane Orie as both a senator and representative has shown me is this: Sen. Jane Orie was a selfless, hardworking and compassionate legislator who demonstrated real concern for real people. She was not in the political arena to “be somebody,” but rather to “do something.” And the something she strived to do in her career was to “do good.”

To do good for the girls and young women who are exploited by the abortion industry ready and willing to take their money to do them harm.

To do good by trying to prevent the obvious, predictable harm that comes with casino gambling, which exploits the poor and the downtrodden to enrich gambling magnates and unjustly fill government coffers.

To do good in ways not noticed by newspapers or political pundits. Reaching out to individuals in need. Serving to help provide an education and a future for children locked into desperate neighborhoods with dangerous, failing schools through no fault or choice of their own.

Sen. Jane Orie also recognized the value and immeasurable worth of faith and family, as not only a consistent advocate for religious freedom, and for marriage and family values, but also as one who comes from an exemplary family dedicated to serving their fellow man.

In God’s wisdom and mercy, sometimes we encounter or bring upon ourselves challenging, difficult times, as Sen. Orie now faces.  It is God’s promise to His people that He will never leave us or forsake us, and that what others mean for evil, God can turn and use for good. Everyone of us has fallen short in one way or another. What a blessing it is to have a God who redeems us from our failings, and showers us with love and mercy.

Sen. Jane Orie and family, you are in our prayers. Thank you for your service.


John Smith

Dear Mr. Geer,
Thank you for posting your thoughts. Please consider writing to Judge Manning and expressing your view about very special person in her time of need. We can only pray that he has justice in his heart and not hatred when she is sentenced on May 21.
The insidious nature of this case has been quite frightening. It is hard to imagine what can happen when you raise your voice against the more powerful agenda. I do know that it was never Senator Orie’s intention to steal from the people she represented. She only looked to give back. That was demonstrated through her actions of giving back her pay raises, cost of living allowances and all her pension increases. But the public is calling for her persecution, like she should be burned at the stake.

Anne McCoale

I think if she was tried in a different county, away from her constituents, the verdict would have been different. She does not deserve to go to jail.
Goes to show not good deed goes unpunished!!!

Lynette Morrell

I could not agree more and coudos to Mr Greer for his statement.
From my vantage point, the only wrong I see with Sen. Orie is she trusted her chief of staff too much and did not have enough oversight. I do not believe for one minute that she stole anything from the people.
However, I feel DA Zappala has wasted much more of the taxpayers money they he has accused Sen Orie of using. Too bad in PA there is not something the people could do about rogue district attorneys’, that would include Alleghany county as well as Perry County!!!


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