I remember staying up late one Sunday night, sitting on the couch with my wife, watching my computer screen as the numbers came in.

As the vote became final, my heart sank. 219-212 House vote in favor of the new Health Care Reform.

I watched as Rep. Bart Stupak stood up to the microphone and declared his support for this new health care reform. He insisted that the bill makes no public funding for abortions and that “all life is precious and all life should be honored.”

President Barack Obama a few days later signed an executive order to reassure America that not a single abortion will be funded by the health care bill. He also spoke on national television telling America that no federal funding will go to cover abortions.

However, the disturbing news revealed this week is that those promises are being broken. The Obama administration has agreed to send Pennsylvania $160 million in taxpayer funds which will directly fund abortion through the recently enacted health care law.

It’s reported that this action will cover up to 5,600 people through 2014. Hypothetically, say half of those covered in this new plan are women. If half of those women were to have an abortion, these taxpayer funds could potentially cover 1,400 abortions over the next 3 years.

Mr. President, please let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and let your ‘No’, ‘No’. The people of Pennsylvania and organizations like the Pennsylvania Family Institute are already fighting a tough battle to protect the sanctity of human life. But when you repeatedly tell us no federal funding for abortions will occur and then agree to see that very thing happen, it’s beyond comprehension.

Pennsylvania’s motto consists of 3 profound words; the first of them being “Virtue”. The people of Pennsylvania demand virtuous leaders and this recent action is evidence of a lack of moral character by our country’s top leaders.