Fighting Back

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On a road trip with my son Wesley in Western PA last week, I pulled off an exit off Interstate 80 for a break, and came across the scene in the attached photograph. It’s a billboard declaring that “pornography pollutes” situated in a lot adjacent to a porn shop.

Kudos to the Brookville Citizens for Community Values for using their free-speech in a constructive way, and standing up against evil.

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Stop Porn Addiction

I find this initiative of Brookville Citizens for Community Values amazing! this big difference towards defeating pornography addiction is really one of a kind. I hope that many communities will do this action to lessen the rate of porn addicts.

As an advocate to stop porn addiction, the step that this community made gives me strength to pursue my goal. It is such a nice feeling to know that there are groups of individuals, organizations and communities that participates in fighting pornography. A worthy fight to give for porn addicts who wants a new life.

Many of us know that a battle against pornography is not an easy one. And for this fact, I would like to give credit this site made by Alex Wolf. A one great man who once to be a porn addict but able to overcome his own addiction by finding effective porn recovery programs.

Spread the news and let us pursue this battle of ours against porn addiction with God’s faith!


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