The Gay Lake Woebegone: Where All the Kids Are Above-Average

(source: Family Research Council Washington Update

Yesterday, yet another academic study on homosexual parenting was released, and the claims of pro-homosexual researchers are becoming even more extravagant. After years of being told (falsely) that the studies prove there are “no differences” between kids raised by homosexuals and by heterosexuals, the new study in the journal Pediatrics claims that there is a difference–the kids of homosexuals are actually better off. However, under the heat of close examination, this claim melts like cotton candy. First of all, the study focused only on lesbians–it tells us nothing at all about homosexual men as parents.

Second, it focused only on children conceived through artificial insemination with donated sperm. But this is the least common method of becoming a “lesbian mother”–most conceived their children in a previous heterosexual relationship, and most of the others adopted their children. But maybe the most glaring weakness is that the report is based almost entirely on reports from the mothers themselves. Although the methodology the researchers used allows for a “Youth Self-Report” and “Teacher’s Report Form,” these were not used in this study, whose authors dryly admit, “A more comprehensive assessment would have included reports from all 3 sources.” So the real headline here is, “Lesbian Mothers Claim Their Children Are Doing Fine.” We probably could have predicted that without the study!