Currently, our Spring Training Seminars in Pennsylvania for The Truth Project have people signed-up from 7 different states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Ohio, Maryland and, of course, PA!

The constant theme I hear from those beginning this study is that there is no better time for a project such as The Truth Project. “For such a time as this” is what numerous pastors have said to me as they see the glaring need for Truth to be proclaimed to the body of believers. 

If you have yet to begin your Truth Project experience, let me encourage you to join the hundreds of thousands who have!

Our 4-hour Training Seminars introduce you to The Truth Project. It will assist you in preparing to lead a “tour” through this study and is where you receive your copy of the DVD set.

Seminar Locations in Pennsylvania:
Western PA: Stoneboro (April 17), Wexford (May 8 )
Central PA: State College (June 12)
Eastern PA: Reading (April 10), Manheim (May 22)

For more information about these Training Seminars or if you wish to sign up for one, click here or call us at 717-545-0600.

If you have already been through The Truth Project study, we hope your experience has strengthened your walk with Christ.  In an effort to let other Christians know about this potential life-changing experience, we certainly would appreciate your help in letting others know about it. Click here for a list of ways to help us get your community aware of The Truth Project.