As of last October, California teens need a parent’s signature to visit a tanning salon, because of the risk for developing skin cancer. This coming November, California residents will vote to mandate parental consent before a teenage girl receives an abortion as well, because of the associated health risks.

In fact, recently a 15-year-old named Sarah died four days after her abortion procedure caused bleeding and infection. The California law is named for her; it will require abortionists to notify a teen’s parent at least 48 hours before acting on the procedure. That way, parents can help their daughter get appropriate medical care, especially if the abortion goes badly. And sexual predators will have a tougher time forcing minors to have abortions in secret. (See Sarah’s Law Story)

Tragically, Sarah is not the only one to suffer abortion-induced harm; Planned Parenthood of Washington, D.C. is now being sued $50 million for an abortion that left a 13-year-old with serious medical conditions, including sterility. Ironically, this girl’s mother was the one who took her to the abortion clinic, to terminate a pregnancy caused by rape. (See Story)

So maybe even parental notification isn’t sufficient. Maybe years of research and heartbreaking cases will finally be enough to outlaw this “simple” procedure with life-threatening consequences. And then we can go after the tanning salons.