As presidential primaries go, Pennsylvania usually is at the back of the pack, a Johnny-come-lately, almost an afterthought. As it turns out, the national media is abuzz now over the Democratic primary elections in the Keystone State. Why? Simply because there is still a contest between Obama and Clinton. Republicans will really only have a “choice” between McCain and . . . McCain.

Vote buttonPennsylvania Family Institute has long advocated what we call “responsible citizenship,” including voter registration (deadline March 24), getting informed about candidates, then getting out to vote on BOTH election days – Primary elections (mark your calendar for April 22) and General election (Nov. 4).

For info about federal candidates, see the Presidential Voter Guide and Congressional Score Card, published by the Family Research Council.

And here’s some info you won’t get from this week’s talking heads or your local rag:

We will also be electing statewide officials for Attorney General, Auditor General and State Treasurer. Plus all 203 State House seats and half the State Senate seats are on the ballot. And take our word for it, THEY ALL MATTER!

Let’s hear from some of you out there, those of you busy doing what working people do – raising our kids, paying our taxes, dealing with employers or employees, supporting our churches, and paying our taxes (I guess I said that twice!).