Do the good folks of Des Moines or Dubuque (Iowa) or Manchester (N.H.) really decide for us who will be our next president? That’s what you’re likely to think if you get caught up in the over-hyped 24/7 news coverage. But rest assured, folks closer to home in places like Harrisburg, Lancaster, Quakertown, Clarks Summit, Sewickley, New Castle, Hollidaysburg, etc. will help elect a president and more in 2008. .

The news media tell us that the first so-called “test” of the candidates comes on January 3rd with the Iowa caucuses. Whatever the outcome, the media will next barrage us with coverage of the New Hampshire primary election.

In the midst of the national attention on the early primary elections in other states, let’s not forget that we have our own 2008 elections here in Pennsylvania scheduled for April 22nd (Primary election) and Nov. 4th (General election).

And yes, you’ll get to vote for president of the U.S., but will also vote to elect your US Rep. in Congress, state rep and state senator (in the odd-no. districts). Last time around, these legislative elections took a rarely seen turn: voters seemed willing to deny re-election to incumbents in several races. Pay-raise retaliation plus retirements yielded 53 new faces to the PA General Assembly.

What’s in store here for 2008? How are your elected officials doing? You can become part of the answer only if you’re first registered to vote by March 24, then get out and vote on Election Day. You’ll be able to find out more about lawmakers’ track record and issue positions with our Fall 2008 General Election Voter’s Guide – – available after the primary elections and in time for the Fall General Election.

Go here for more general information in PA about voting and registration.