Pennsylvania’s public cyber charter schools and the 20,000 kids who rely on them are set to take a big hit from the state legislature – to the delight of those opposed to parental choice in education, not the least of which is the state’s teachers union lobbying machine. It’s akin to Micky D’s trying to make Burger King illegal or forcing them to make and sell Big Macs! One of the few school choices available to every student is gone….unless: Pennsylvanians who believe in school choice, who believe that parents know best, who believe that competition should bring out the best in schools, can save the day by contacting their own state representative and state senator to vote against the efforts of Rep. Karen Beyer, R-Lehigh to triangulate cyber schools through her amendment in the House Education committee. See this column in today’s Express-Times by a cyber school CEO. She is right on the money, no pun intended!