Citizen Action Center

Pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act

Action: Contact your State Senator and ask for their support House Bill 321, the Down Syndrome Protection Act

Status: House Bill 321 passed the PA House on May 14, 2019 by a 117-76 vote. Bill was referred to the PA Senate Health and Human Services committee.

Summary: The Down Syndrome Protection Act would stop any child from being aborted solely due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Help stop human trafficking in PA – Pass the Buyer Beware Act

Action: Contact your State Representatives and State Senator to support the Buyer Beware Act.

Status: Senate Bill 60 passed the Judiciary Committee on June 11, 2019 with a 14-0 vote. Still awaiting a vote by the full PA Senate. House Bill 12 was referred to the PA House Judiciary committee.

Summary: The Buyer Beware Act – Senate Bill 60 and House Bill 12 – would do three things: 1) Increase criminal charges against traffickers, 2) Increase subsequent fines and 3) Expand the definitions of the offense. Click here to take action.

Invest in students, not broken systems for education in Harrisburg

Action: Contact your State Representative to support a new plan to help Harrisburg families.

Summary: House Speaker Mike Turzai unveiled a new plan that would help create a lifeline for kids trapped in failing Harrisburg Schools. These schools have been under state government oversight since 2012 but nothing has changed. This new plan would help to empower families while creating a better investment for taxpayers. Click here to take action.

Freedom to Counsel in Allegheny County

Action: Contact your County Council member and ask that they vote No on Ordinance No. 11000-19.

Status: Proposed in Allegheny County.

Summary: This ordinance is unnecessary and does not eliminate abusive or forced therapy practices, which are already prohibited for counselors. Instead, it endangers freedom of speech.