Church Ambassador Network

We want to see pastors and churches engaging legislators by showing the love of Christ through prayer and care, building relationships, and working together with lawmakers to make our world better. That’s what the Church Ambassador Network is all about. Our mission is to build relationships between the shepherd of the church and those serving in civil government as instituted by God.

We connect pastors with their local legislators through prayer meetings via Zoom and in-person prayer gatherings. The network has grown to reach thousands of pastors around the state.

When churches face new challenges, such as they did during Covid-19, we stand ready to assist. We were there to provide important resources to pastors like calls with the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health and webinars with attorneys with the Independence Law Center to discuss emergency orders and regulations as they applied to churches, and webinars with national ministry leaders to discuss new ways of ministering to congregants and the community during Covid-19.