Protect the Family. Preserve the Future. ExtraOrdinary Give 2019

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This Friday, November 22nd is the Extraordinary Give! In one extraordinary day each year, a display of generosity is celebrated with all donations made stretched by more than a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in stretch pool and prizes.

Pennsylvania Family Institute … Read more

Pro-Abortion Lawmakers Spread Fake News on Pro-Life Bill. Here are the Facts.

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There are many false statements being spread by some pro-abortion lawmakers about House Bill 1890, which recently passed the PA House in a bipartisan vote. These claims are being made by several pro-abortion lawmakers like State Representatives Dan Frankel and … Read more

PA House Vote Shows Respect to Loss of Life Early in Pregnancy

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Pennsylvania Family Institute thanks the 123 State Representatives for their bipartisan affirmative vote on House Bill 1890, known as the Fetal Remains Bill, that offers a compassionate way of showing respect to human life lost early in pregnancy.

“Human beings … Read more

Committee Votes to Stop the Prenatal Targeting of Babies with Down syndrome

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PA Family Institute applauds vote on House Bill 321 and the effort to end the targeting of babies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds today’s vote by the PA Senate Health Committee on the Down … Read more

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