Back To School: Remember to Pack Your Religious Freedom

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Several links below to resources on expressing your faith in school.

As children and college students head back to school, it’s always good to be reminded that religious liberty goes to school too. Please remember that your child has constitutionally-protected religious liberties at school. 

Last school year, we dealt with numerous infringements on religious freedom – from students trying to offer Bibles to classmates at lunch in Mechanicsburg

…to children trying to share a Valentine with John 3:16 or a poem on some Halloween candy.

Please remember: Religious speech has the same constitutional protections as non-religious speech. For additional resources:

If you would encounter conflict with your rights to religious freedom in school, contact the Independence Law Center at 717-657-4990.

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L. Bauves/Chester County

So, how does one deal with gender identity politics being forced on students rights, say when you are in a classroom of 7th grade, 12 year olds, and are foreced to state your preferred pronoun infront of all, even though you identify as a christian straight male? Forced participation in crazy. Or how about having to read in english class, a story about a 6th grade girl not identifying with being a girl, and friends with a boy who has gay dads? Yes, english class.. 7th grade english. What rights do those kids have, when PA Dept of Ed is pushing the LGBTQIA agenda at taxpayer expense in the school system? Or at the very least, suggesting it is adopted. Not all of us can afford to home school, nor private school. Don’t our straight christian kids have rights too? Or do we just have to take it? Help appreciated!


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