State Rep. Brian Sims: The “Anti-Bullying” Bully [Video]

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National news continues to cover Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims’ harassment of a woman, along with his intent to dox three teens outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood pro-life. Ironically, Rep. Sims has made several statements about bullying, one just days after his harassment incident.

“Within days of Rep. Brian Sims berating and bullying a woman peacefully praying outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic, he took to the microphones at a Capitol press conference to call for sweeping legislation that would seriously threaten religious liberty and personal privacy – under the guise of fighting bullying and discrimination,” said Michael Geer of the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

This week, Rep. Sims was advocating for legislation known as SOGI which would add the special statuses of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into anti-discrimination law. Legislation like this SOGI bill have been used to go after people like Jack Phillips and Barronelle Stutzman, who chose not to participate in an event that’s contrary to their sincerely-held beliefs. The proposed legislation would also force open sex-specific facilities to members of the opposite sex. PA Family Institute is opposed to this legislation.

“Pennsylvanians need to see that some of the very same people that push for certain ‘anti-bullying’ legislation are the first to berate, bully and even criminally prosecute those who hold to different views and beliefs – on issues like the sanctity of life, a biblical view of marriage and religious freedom,” added Geer.

There is a pro-life rally against bullying, sparked by his harassment of an elderly woman and three teen girls, that will be attended by Lila Rose (Live Action), Abby Johnson (And Then There Were None), Matt Walsh and others. Details: Friday, May 10th  outside of Planned Parenthood (1144 Locust Street, Philadelphia) at 11am.



This guy has to go. WHO elected him anyway? Hes a threat to religious liberty.

Daniel Stiffler

This man has harassed people who were simply “praying ” for the women who were about to murder a living baby.
Of our rights which are Life , liberty and pursuit of happiness, LIFE is first for a reason! It’s also given by Almighty God and ONLY God is authorized to take it !
Brian Sims actions were that criminal in nature. He definitely should be removed from office

Mark Kimble

Bullying, harassment and intimidation of peaceful protesters should draw a federal charge, not just a misdemeanor, as almost always happens. Peaceful assembly to redress grievances is a guaranteed right under the US Constitution and therefore is virtually the same thing as Gov George Wallace standing in front of the school and denying blacks entrance to a white school. President Kennedy sent in federal troops to force Wallace to step aside.


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