PA Family Council Calls Out Lt. Gov. Fetterman’s Dual Agenda in Marijuana Tour

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Lt. Gov. wants “full-on Colorado” with marijuana, yet claims impartiality in his “Listening” tour

(HARRISBURG, PA – April 29, 2019) – Pennsylvania Family Council, a non-profit statewide organization based in Harrisburg, just released a one-minute video highlighting statements made by Lt. Governor John Fetterman in favor of the full legalization and commercialization of marijuana in Pennsylvania.

“Lt. Governor Fetterman claims to have no ‘pre-arrived-at conclusions’ with his Marijuana ‘Listening’ Tour, but that’s a complete sham,” says Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Council. “You cannot claim impartiality when you’ve already put your stakes into one side of the issue. Lt. Governor Fetterman wants to lead the charge for full-blown commercialization of marijuana in Pennsylvania, and he’s using his tour, funded by taxpayer dollars, to help him do so,” added Geer.

Lt. Governor Fetterman claims, “we have to cling to this weird old tradition that’s somehow better off” by not fully legalizing marijuana. He has stated that the commercial sale of marijuana “should be legal and should be accessible” and is “the right thing for Pennsylvania.”

“This tour is not only about promoting marijuana commercialization. It’s also a convenient, taxpayer-funded way for Fetterman to raise his profile for higher office,” Geer commented. 

When Fetterman announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor, he made it known that he is eyeing a possible future U.S. Senate run. “It’s hard to ignore Pat Toomey and what he’s talking about ahead of 2022,” commented Fetterman.

What’s truly hard to ignore is the political and pro-pot agenda behind Lt. Governor Fetterman’s Marijuana Tour.

Video Transcript:

Lt. Governor John Fetterman: “I want to emphasize this is a listening tour. We don’t have a pre-arrived-at conclusion.” (Source: Press conference, 1/24/19)


Lt. Governor John Fetterman: “My expression is let’s go full Colorado in Pennsylvania.”

“We’re arguing about @#$&ing marijuana. Ya know, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“It should be legal and it should be accessible.” (Source: Drinking Partners #153, The Epicast Network, 1/22/18)

Lt. Governor John Fetterman: “This false choice that it’s like we have to cling to this weird old tradition that’s somehow better off. It just doesn’t make any sense and it never has.” (Source: Uphill Media – #WeThePeople meet John Fetterman, 2/12/18)

Lt. Governor John Fetterman: Let’s make marijuana legal. Let’s take it out of the shadows. (Source: John Fetterman for Senate, 4/20/16)

CBS Pittsburgh: “New medical marijuana dispensary opened in New Kensington today. The person cutting the ribbon was the state’s #1 advocate for legalizing all marijuana.” (Source: CBS Pittsburgh, 2/25/19)

Lt. Governor John Fetterman: “…fully legalizing marijuana is the right thing for Pennsylvania. We should go full-on Colorado.” (Source: NORML PAC Endorses John Fetterman for Lieutenant Governor, 4/26/18)

Lt. Governor Fetterman’s Marijuana “Listening” Tour will cost taxpayers $25,000.


Pennsylvania Family Council is the Commonwealth’s largest pro-life, pro-family statewide organization. For more information on marijuana, visit


Larry Gladfelter

We have too many pot-heads already in PA and making pot legal for all will make it many times worse. Just check out the problems that Colorado has now. Please do not destroy our state with this bad idea.

Brian Heist

I’m not really sure how I feel about the legalization of pot for recreational use, but I’m willing to listen to both sides. If the Lt. Governor is pro on the issue, he should be honest enough to say that and not hide behind “unbiased rhetoric”. Taking that dishonest tack, is almost enough to have me come out against it. Be honest about your position.

Kathy Laslow

If marijuana was just legalized for medical reasons, then why the push for recreational use? Pennsylvania taxpayers were told that this substance has a purpose for helping to relieve seizures under a doctor’s supervision. I can accept this reason but NOT for recreational use!

Rebecca J Yoder

Get the facts. Visit Smart Approaches to Marijuana: SAM
Real data from the states who already made legalization.
And wished they hadn’t.


The gov’t has no right to tell you what you can and can’t put in your body. If you are against legalization, you are against freedom.


Legalizing marijuana is a bad idea. It affects your mind & your coordination for starters! It can cause psychiatric problems & lead to other drug use. What kind of an example is this for young people to see legalization of recreational marijuana? Then they will think it is okay to use it too!

Ron Hein

It ruined the state of Colorado. I have a friend that does business in Colorado. He said what used to be a beautiful state is now in dirty & trash’y.


I am not for legalizing marijuana for recreational use for all the obvious reasons since the 1960’s. A large number of users could not refrain from leading to something more potent and make decisions for stronger and more deadly mind altering drugs. Even one death should change our minds. Don’t do it.


There are plenty of articles written in medical journals, like JAMA,that show this is a potent drug. Recreational use makes no sense. Healthy people don’t use prescription drugs for fun…there’s a reason a prescription from a doctor is required. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel either….learn from those states who already legalized it. They have seen more problems and wish they could turn back the decision.


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