Tell Governor Wolf: Remove Cortes Immediately

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Head of Department of State During the Gosnell Horrors Should Not Be Back in Office – Take Action Today

The Secretary of State administers the Department of State, whose mission is in part “to protect the health and safety of the public.” So why is Pedro Cortes – the Secretary of State at the time when the Department neglected to stop Kermit Gosnell from preying upon women and families – back in the same position?

Gosnell reported 6,469 abortions after April 2004 – when the State Department determined “prosecution not warranted” in the death of Semika Shaw. That means Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ subjected a woman to an abortion over 6,000 times because the State Department didn’t do their job.

And now the Head of the State Department all those years is back in office thanks to Governor Wolf. Tell him that’s not okay.

The Philadelphia Grand Jury report against Gosnell cited numerous patients whose complaints to the Department of State were ignored. As the head of the Department (from 2003-2010), Cortes should be held responsible for failure to act on those complaints resulting in Gosnell continuing his illegal and murderous actions.

Yet even with this failure to protect the health and safety of Pennsylvanians, Governor Wolf has now put Cortes back to his same leadership position as Secretary of State.

Tell Governor Wolf – the former head of the very same Department of State which was found negligent in regulating the Gosnell abortion clinic should automatically be disqualified from holding this position again. Click here to email Governor Wolf.


Timothy Chambers

Governor Wolf, Your Elected to a Position of Extreme Importance, & thus the prior record of Mr. Cortes should be deemed as “UN-acceptable” for the A Head of the State Department!
Please remove Him Now!

Jim Bednar

Governor Wolf,
This man turned a blind eye to what was going on in the Gosnell clinic. He should not be allowed to serve after resigning in embarrassment.

Marion Hahn

Mr. Cortes destroyed his trust when he looked the other way to the Gosnell clinic horror. He is not trustworthy of this assignment. Please remove him from this place of leadership.


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