PFI Disagrees with Court Decision Redefining Marriage in Pennsylvania

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Decision Undermines Family, Challenges Liberty & Diminishes Respect for the Law

Harrisburg, PA – Despite today’s decision by United States District Judge John E. Jones III, the Pennsylvania Family Institute reaffirms its conviction that the long-standing definition of marriage between one man and one woman is not only constitutional, but essential to a free and flourishing society.

“This decision tosses aside not just the definition of marriage recognized in law by an overwhelming majority of the people’s representatives, but the definition that has been in place in Pennsylvania since our commonwealth’s founding more than two centuries ago,” said PFI president Michael Geer.

“Children have a right to a mother and a father,” Geer continued, “and that is a right that government is bound to respect and should encourage.  Today’s decision abandons that responsibility in favor of a new framework that places the desires of adults above the good of children and society as a whole,” added Geer.

Randall Wenger, PFI Chief Counsel stated: “Today’s decision threatens the rights of those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman. As Americans we should be free to debate and decide issues of critical social importance.  Judicial decrees like today’s marginalize those who understand what is special and indeed vital about this institution  — natural marriage — that brings a man and a woman together for children.”

Marriage between one man and one woman has no parallels. Social science tells us there is nothing so beneficial to the well being of children as a mom and a dad committed to each other in marriage. This standard should be encouraged – not redefined and dismissed in favor of a new social experiment that could negatively impact children and families.

PFI’s Brandon McGinley pointed out, “This ruling short-circuits the public debate and legitimate policy process, and casts aside the will of the people of Pennsylvania and their elected representatives. This can only foster further distrust of our political system.”

The Pennsylvania Family Institute calls on Governor Tom Corbett to appeal this decision, and to make a vigorous defense of the fundamental institution of marriage at the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Despite the setback, the Pennsylvania Family Institute will continue to fight for public policy that’s best for children and families. “Our work is only more urgent in the wake of today’s decision,” said Geer.


Melanie Rohrbach

The Defense of Marriage Act SHOULD BE UPHELD!The people of PA should be able to have their decision upheld and not overturned by some leftist radical Judge who wants to throw the fundamental institution of marriage “on an ash heap!” The family, the marriage of one man and one woman, has been the glue that has held this country together for over 200 years. This judges “OPINION” must be overturned.

I pray Governor Corbett will fight to overturn this detrimental decision. The people of PA DO NOT WANT THIS!!!

Myrtle I Rech

A lot of effort, time, money are devoted to going through proper steps to create laws that reflect people’s convictions. And, I ask “For what?” A single man’s actions can wipe that all away in a flash. Then, citizens are asked to vote, express confidence in government, trust in your beliefs;

I voted for you, Tom Corbett, expecting more conviction from you. We are being led down the wrong path. Please
do appeal this terrible ruling.

Mary Ann Mulkerin

Thank you for press release. Corbett said he is Roman Catholic but he will uphold the law.. Abortion has been legal for 40 years, but it is still not moral or in line with Gods’ law. We Catholics need to uphold Gods laws not mans. Thank you for standing for Gods’ truth. I wish more catholics took their faith in Jesus more seriously.

Patricia D'Amico

Thank God for PFI – I voted for Corbett in Tuesday’s Primary, now I’m not sure I did the right thing; but November is coming…..shame on Mr. Corbett !!!

Leroy E Miller

Governor Corbett: I am deeply disappointed in your decision not to appeal the ruling of Judge Jones III. I voted for you because of your conservative leanings. Now I am questioning whether I did the right thing. I trust you and the leaders in this great state of Pa., will not be pressured into making decisions that are contrary to our Creator and His plan for mankind.

John M. Keefer

I voted for our governor and now feel betrayed for doing so! Nov. is coming. When will we see a strong enough politician stand up for what they believe not caring what may happen. We the people will be voting in Nov.

Kenneth S Deaver

Dear Governor Corbett,

Your decision not to appeal the outrageous decision of this federal judge ostensibly because of the monetary “cost” to persue it fails to take into consideration the “societal” cost of sme-sex “marriage”
being foisted upon us by a tiny percentage of people who feel they have a right to institutionalize their deviency
from the laws of God and nature. I think many would join me in contributing to the expenses of fighting this decision if the public coffers will not, or cannot support the expense.


Kenneth S. Deaver


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