Taxpayers’ Protest

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I just got back from the Capitol where Representative Metcalfe hosted a press conference against the proposed tax increase by Govenor Rendell.

I watched as people from all different types of families gathered around the podium to show their support for those legislatures who give them a voice.  For the remainder of today, they will spend most of the day visiting both Democrats and Republicans, asking for their voices to be heard.  The different speakers (from organizations like the Commonwealth Foundation, Pennsylvania Family Institute, Heritage Foundation, as well as committee leaders and legislatures) all had one common theme: we’re only hurting ourselves by increasing taxes.  We encourage debt, unemployment, and poor spending when we continue to think the only solution to our economic situation is to tax the people.  As one of the speakers said, ‘we need to be the employer of our governemnt, not its employee.’

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Sorry I couldn’t attend in person. I did contact Rep. Matt Smith’s local office. His staff member did not even ask for my info –name, etc. The following day I did contact Sen. Wayne Fontana’s local office. His staff member asked how to spell my last name. Once she had that info, she informed me that she had all of my contact info. Sooooo, I told her about the “cold shoulder” I received from Rep. Smith’s office. I’m sharing this for the reason this new TEA’D Party has been called. I’m disgusted with the entitlement attitude. Elected and appointed officials need to be reminded that they are public servants!


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