2015 Judicial Primary Voter’s Guide

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015 is Primary Election Day. Voters across Pennsylvania will be voting for municipal offices (Mayor, City Council, Township Supervisor, Sheriff, Recorder of Deeds, School Board member, etc.) and Judicial candidates.

To help you in your voting decisions, Pennsylvania Family Institute is proud to present our Judicial Primary Voter’s Guide:

Statewide Races – Supreme Court, Superior Court & Commonwealth Court

Download here:

Statewide Judicial Primary Guide 2015

(Printable version)

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May 19 - Primary ElectionCounty Races – Court of Common Pleas

Not all counties have open judicial seats. For the counties listed below, the candidates who responded are linked for you to read their response to our questionnaire. (A good faith effort was made to survey all judicial candidates but we can only publish the responses we have received.)

Adams County (choose 2)
-Christina Simpson Dem/Rep      -Matthew Teeter Dem/Rep
-Shawn Wagner Dem/Rep

Allegheny County (choose 3)
-Pauline Calabrese Dem/Rep       -William Caye Dem/Rep        -Rosemary Crawford Dem
-Jennifer McCrady Dem/Rep       -Hugh McGough Dem Rep    -PJ Murray Dem
-Dan Regan Dem/Rep                   -Richard Schubert Dem/Rep

Beaver County (choose 1)
-Dale Fouse Dem/Rep

Berks County (choose 3)
Pat Barrett Dem/Rep                  -Tina Boyd Dem/Rep               -Victor Frederick Dem/Rep
Eleni Geishauser Dem/Rep       -Kelly Kline Dem/Rep              –Jonathan Kurland Dem/Rep
-Jim Lillis Dem/Rep                     –Jim Smith Dem/Rep

Bradford County (choose 1)
-Evan Williams Dem/Rep           -Alan Shaw Dem/Rep

Bucks County (choose 2)
Brian McGuffin Dem/Rep         -Raymond McHugh Dem/Rep

Cambria County (choose 1)
Tammy Bernstein Dem/Rep     -Gary Jubas Dem/Rep
-Tom Swope Dem/Rep

Chester County (choose 1)
-John Carnes Dem                        -Dan Maisano Dem/Rep          -Julia Malloy-Good Dem/Rep
-Allison Royer Dem/Rep

Cumberland County (choose 1)
Jessica Brewbaker Dem/Rep    –Lisa Grayson Rep                     –Carrie Hyams Dem/Rep
Robert Kline Dem/Rep              –Matt Smith Dem/Rep              -Michael Whare Dem/Rep

Delaware County (choose 3)
Larry Abel Dem                           -Margaret Amoroso Dem/Rep  -G. Lawrence DeMarco Dem
-Dominic Pileggi Dem/Rep        -Anthony Scanlon Dem/Rep

Erie County (choose 2)
-Buzz Andrezeski Dem                -Erin Connelly Dem/Rep          –Damon Hopkins Dem/Rep
Jamie Mead Dem/Rep               –Elvage Murphy Dem/Rep       –Ed Smith Dem/Rep
-Chad Vilushis Dem/Rep            –Joe Walsh Dem/Rep

Franklin & Fulton Counties (choose 1)
-Todd Sponseller Dem/Rep       -TR Williams Dem/Rep

Greene County (choose 1)
-Lou Dayich Dem/Rep                -Jeff Grimes Dem/Rep
-David Russo Dem/Rep

Lackawanna County (choose 1)
-Andrew Jarbola Dem/Rep

Lancaster County (choose 1)
Thomas Sponaugle Dem/Rep

Lawrence County (choose 1)
David Acker Dem/Rep               -Melissa Amodie Dem/Rep
-John DeCaro Dem/Rep

Mifflin County (choose 1)
-Aaron Gingrich

Montgomery County (choose 3)
-Gregory Cirillo Dem/Rep          -Dan Clifford Dem/Rep            -Todd Eisenberg Dem/Rep
Risa Ferman Dem/Rep              -Stephen Heckman Dem/Rep
-Natasha Taylor-Smith Dem/Rep

Northampton County (choose 1)
-Abe Kassis Dem/Rep                  –Samuel Murray Dem/Rep
Victor Scomillio Dem/Rep

Northumberland County (choose 2)
-Hugh Jones Dem/Rep                -H. Robert Mattis Dem/Rep
-Paige Rosini Dem/Rep

Philadelphia County (choose 12)
Franklin Bennett Dem                -Wayne Bennett Dem               -James Berardinelli Dem
-Tangie Boston Dem                     -Marissa Brumbach Dem        -Starr Cash Dem
-William Ciancaglini Dem           -Lucretia Clemons Dem          -Scott DiClaudio Dem
-Michael Fanning Dem                -Frances Fattah Dem               -Abbe Fletman Dem
-Vincent Furlong Dem/Rep        -Vince Giusini Dem                  -Leon Goodman Dem
-Daine Grey Dem                          -Joshua Hill Dem                      -Shanese Johnson Dem
-Leon King Dem                            -Anthony Kyriakakis Dem      -Jodi Lobel Dem
-Edward Louden Dem                 -Rania Major Dem                    -Chris Mallios Dem
-Jon Marshall Dem                      -Thomas Martin Dem              -Chris McCabe Dem
-Vincent Melchiorre Dem           -Brian Ortelere Dem                -Rainy Papademetriou Dem
-Ken Powell Dem                          -Mia Roberts-Perez Dem        -Tracy Roman Dem
Stephanie Sawyer Dem              -Jennifer Schultz Dem             -Kai Scott Dem
-Lynne Summers Dem                 -Sherman Toppin Dem            -Stella Tsai Dem
-Betsy Wahl Dem                          -Deborah Watson-Stokes Dem  –Sandjai Weaver Dem
-Sharon Williams-Losier Dem    -Lyris Younge Dem

Somerset County (choose 1)
-Scott Bittner Dem/Rep              -Mary Friedline Dem/Rep       -Susan Mankamyer Dem/Rep
-Marci Miller Dem/Rep

Susquehanna County (choose 1)
-Jason Legg Dem/Rep

Tioga County (choose 1)
-George Wheeler

Westmoreland County (choose 3)
Tom Anderson Dem/Rep          -Hope Aston Dem/Rep             -Chris Huffman Dem/Rep
Tim Krieger Dem/Rep               -Scott Mears Dem/Rep             -David Regoli Dem/Rep
-Jim Silvis Dem/Rep                   –Harry Smail Dem/Rep            –Leslie Zellers Dem/Rep

York County (choose 2)
-Carl Anderson Dem/Rep          –Karen Comery Dem/Rep        -Michael Flannelly Dem/Rep
Chris Menges Dem/Rep           –Kathleen Prendergast Dem/Rep  -Tom Reilly Dem/Rep
Neil Slenker Dem/Rep


Emily Kreps

We did not post anything for Crawford County because there are no open seats for the Crawford County Court of Common Pleas.

Dave Grandon

Excellent Resource that will not be found presented my our media.

Donna Rice

I have a question, Joe King is running in PA as a write-in candidate. Would you be able to tell me what position he is running for?

Donna Rice

Emily Kreps

Donna, we don’t have any information on write-in candidates because we use the information from the PA Dept. of State and they don’t include write-in candidates.

Jean Brake

Thanks you so much for this information. It is very very helpful.

Jean Brake


I continue to ask why don’t the registered/endorsed D candidates respond?

Emily Kreps

Unfortunately, we do not know why the statewide Democractic candidates chose not to respond to our guide.

Emily Kreps

There are no Court of Common Pleas candidates for Lebanon County.

Emily Kreps

All of the counties with judicial candidates for the Court of Common Pleas are listed. Butler County had no county judicial candidates.

Dianne M. Phillips

Thank you for all of the hard worK & time to research & put together a helpful list of candidates & their points of view on issues dear to our hearts & wombs. Amen.

Anne Hillegass

Your voter’s guides are so helpful. Thank you for the work you put in to preparing them.

Jean Edwards

Thank you for putting together this helpful list. I look to you every election.

Cindy Lohmann

Thanks so much for this wonderful resource! I called my local Christian radio station to ask them where could I find a voter guide that’s reliable, and they referred me to you! God bless you all for helping us make informed decisions on our votes!

Pat Mcafoos

Oh here it is Nov. 3, election day, and I had not done all my homework of information on the candidates stand that lines up with the bible–thank God I could go to a voters guide and obtain the information, pertinent questions. thank you, God Bless You


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