Why students need to hear this message

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There are some who are protesting the “controversial” guest speaker set to speak to Warwick High School students at an assembly next month.  Here are our insights on what is happening.

The invited speaker is Pam Stenzel. Her “controversial” message? … Read more

VIDEO (80 seconds) – What matters most to you?

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Check out this short video – encouraging your involvement this election and highlighting what every voter should see before November 4th – the most comprehensive Pennsylvania statewide voter’s guide: www.PAFamilyVoter.com.



Access the voter guide and see:… Read more


PaFamilyVoter.com – How to make an informed decision this election

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PaFamilyVoter.com – Home of the most comprehensive Pennsylvania statewide voters guide.

Hopefully you have already marked your calendar on Tuesday November 4th as Election Day.

It is critical for families across Pennsylvania to get out and vote your values. To … Read more

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