The PFI Minute

Pennsylvania Family Institute and our Independence Law Center are proud to announce our engagement with Glen Meakem on the Weekend, a groundbreaking radio program that airs on a growing number of stations across Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Be sure to listen in this and every weekend for our weekly feature, The PFI Minute with Michael Geer, which provides insights and updates on key issues facing our state and nation.

Glen Meakem on the Weekend Broadcast Times

Pittsburgh, PA | WPGB Newstalk 104.7 FM
Saturday 8am-10am, Sunday 8am-10am

Harrisburg, PA | WHP 580 AM
Sunday 8am-10am

Allentown, PA | WAEB 790 AM
Saturday noon-2pm, Sunday 8am-10pm

Erie, PA | WJET 1400 AM
Saturday 10am-noon

Beaver Falls, PA | WBVP 1230 AM
Saturday 10am-noon, Monday 2pm-4pm

Ambridge, PA | WMBA 1460 AM
Saturday 10am-noon, Monday 2pm-4pm

Warren, PA | WNAE 1310 AM
Saturday 10am-noon, Monday 7am-9am

Warren, PA | WNAE Newstalk 96 seven FM
Saturday 10am-noon, Monday 7am-9am

Williamsport, PA | WRAK 1400 AM & WRKK 1200 AM
Sunday 10am-noon

Philadelphia, PA | WNTP 990 AM
Saturday 8am-10am

Parkersburg, WV | WADC 1050 AM
Saturday 1pm-3pm, Sunday 1pm-3pm

Parkersburg, WV | WVNT 1230 AM
Sunday 7am-9am

Clarksburg, WV | WGIE 92.7 FM
Sunday 9am-11am

Mannington, WV | WGYE 102.7 FM
Sunday 9am-11am

Ocala, FL | WRZN 720 AM
Saturday noon-2pm

Gainesville, FL | WTMN 1430 AM
Saturday noon-2pm