2019 Judicial Primary Voter’s Guide

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Superior Court candidates.

Below you can view the individual responses from the statewide Superior Court candidates as well as local county courts of common pleas. Not all counties have judicial seats open, so your county may not be listed.

This voter’s guide is a nonpartisan educational resource provided as a public service. This guide is factual, impartial, and nonpartisan. Each candidate in the races covered were treated equally and had the same opportunity to respond to the questions. Concerned Pennsylvanians dedicated to responsible citizenship have donated to make this resource available. No candidate or political party paid for any part of the guide. No candidates are endorsed.

This is a primary, so only those registered Democrat or Republican may vote. You can only vote for those candidates in your registered party. Some judicial candidates cross-file, which means they are on both the Democrat and Republican ballots. The candidates who responded to our questionnaire are in blue, click the names to view their responses.

  • Superior Court candidates (statewide – vote for two)
  • Allegheny (vote for one)
    • Democrat – George Heym, Richard J. Joyce, Brian Samuel Malkin
    • Democrat/Republican – Mary McGinley
  • Beaver (vote for one)
  • Bedford (vote for one)
  • Bucks (vote for three)
    • Democrat/Republican – Allen Toadvine, Denise Bowman, Grace Deon, Charissa Liller, Dianne Magee, Jordan Yeager, Jessica L. Vanderkam, Chris Serpico, Gary Gambardella, Dawn DiDonato-Burke
  • Butler (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – Nicole Lynn Thurner, Matt Fischer, William Wink Robinson, Jennifer Gilliland Vanasdale
  • Chester (vote for two)
    • Democrat – Daniel J. Maisano, Thomas Patrick McCabe
    • Democrat/Republican – Analisa Sondergaard, Bret Binder, Charles A. Gaza, Andrea Cardamone
  • Clarion (vote for two)
    • Democrat/Republican – Sara Seidle-Patton, Mark Aaron, Erich Spessard
  • Cumberland (vote for two)
  • Delaware (vote for four)
    • Democrat – Mike Farrell
    • Democrat/Republican – Wendy B. Roberts, Beth Naughton Beck, Rashid Nusrat, Rick Lowe, Stephanie Klein, Kelly Eckel, Steven K. Gerber, George B. Dawson, Jennifer Dipillo, Deborah Truscello
  • Elk (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – Bradley J. Kraus, Shawn T. McMahon
  • Erie (vote for two)
    • Democrat/Republican – Erin Connelly, Joe Sinnott, Peter J. Sala, David Ridge, Ed Smith
  • Franklin (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – Ian Brink, Mary Beth Shank
  • Lancaster (vote for one)
  • Lehigh (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – Anna-Kristie Morffi Marks, Jared J. Hanna, Rashid Santiago, Eric Dowdle, Tom Capehart, William A. Ehrlich, Zachary Cohen
  • Lycoming (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – William P. Carlucci, Ryan Tira, Mary C. Kilgus
  • Mercer (vote for two)
  • Monroe (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – Dan Higgins, Gerard J. Geiger
  • Montgomery (vote for three)
    • Democrat/Republican – Henry S. Hilles III, Melissa Schwartz Sterling, Virgil B. Walker, Matthew Hovey
    • Republican – Gregg Richman, Robert A. Zigmund
  • Northampton (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – John M. Morganelli
  • Philadelphia (vote for six)
    • Democrat – Joshua Roberts, James F. Berardinelli, Tiffany Palmer, James C. Crumlish, Cateria R. McCabe, Henry McGregor Sias, Chris Hall, Nicola Serianni, Sherman Toppin , Carmella Jacquinto, Anthony Kyriakakis, Kay Yu, Vicki Markovitz, Gregory Weyer, Laurie Dow, Wendi Barish, Janine D. Momasso, Jon Marshall, Robert Trimble, Leon Goodman, Jennifer Schultz,
      Terri M. Booker, Craig Levin, Kenra McCrae
    • Democrat/Republican – Beth Grossman
  • Pike (vote for one)
    • Democrat/Republican – Kelly Gaughan
  • Washington (vote for one)
  • Westmoreland (vote for two)
  • York (vote for one)