Contrary to Gov. Wolf’s claims, no Planned Parenthood in PA offers prenatal care.

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Governor Tom Wolf claimed in an email to supporters that Planned Parenthood provides prenatal services – which is just flat out false. Planned Parenthood tries to make this claim as well which is why PA Family Institute called all 27* Planned Parenthood facilities in Pennsylvania and asked, “Do you offer prenatal services?”** We found that… Read more »

Response to SB300 vote, Shifting funds away from Planned Parenthood

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SB300 is smart fiscal policy that favors comprehensive health care providers over abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood Press Release – Pennsylvania Family Council – April 26, 2017 Harrisburg – The Senate Finance Committee’s vote today in favor of SB300 is a very positive step for women’s health care and for Pennsylvania taxpayers, too.  Given these tight… Read more »

Bill to Shift Funds Away From Planned Parenthood Passes Committee; next hurdle: full Senate vote

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SB300, legislation led by State Senator John Eichelberger, passed out of the Senate Finance Committee today by a 7-5 vote. SB300 would prioritize current taxpayer dollars to first be directed to the many community health centers that offer better comprehensive women’s health care than Planned Parenthood, an abortion business that does not provide any prenatal care at… Read more »

You just helped fund Planned Parenthood’s political activity this week

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Governor Wolf just headlined a roundtable discussion at a Planned Parenthood facility in Warminster – which does more than 900 abortions each year. As reported, the event was held by Planned Parenthood Keystone – one of their three regions in Pennsylvania – and national Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards was right by our Governor’s side. The… Read more »

Iowa joins growing list of states improving abortion limit to five months of pregnancy

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The Iowa Legislature just gave final approval to make Iowa the 21st state to update outdated law that now limit abortion at the first five months in pregnancy (20 weeks). Here’s the growing list of states: Several other states are working to update their current abortion limits as well: Tennessee: State House passes bill to… Read more »

Brave High School Students Take Action with Privacy Lawsuit

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SUMMARY: The Boyertown Area School District, without parent or student notification, made an unwritten change to school policy and opened its sex-specific restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex. Four high-school students are now suing the district for their unlawful and harmful actions. Both male and female students in BASD have had… Read more »

Update on Student Lawsuit against Boyertown Area School District

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Randall Wenger, Chief Counsel with Independence Law Center who is representing the student from Boyertown Area School District now suing the school for sexual harassment and violating his bodily privacy, was recently interviewed by Greg Barton on the Spotlight program for WDAC radio. Here is part of the interview:  Barton: The plaintiff in this case… Read more »

Student sues Pennsylvania school district for sexual harassment, violation of personal privacy

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PRESS RELEASE – Independence Law Center Principal tells student to ‘tolerate’ undressing with student of opposite sex, make it as ‘natural’ as possible  PHILADELPHIA – A high school student and his parents sued the Boyertown Area School District Tuesday for intentionally violating his right to bodily privacy after he was exposed involuntarily to an undressed… Read more »

PA University orders pro-life group’s chalk messages washed away, group taking action

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Independence Law Center helping to defend free speech, First Amendment freedoms A Harrisburg-based legal team is helping a PA university chapter of the largest pro-life youth organization in defending against the censoring of their pro-life views. A letter was sent on Monday to the president of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania from the Alliance Defending Freedom… Read more »

Bipartisan School Choice Bill Passes House with 73% Support (Roll Call)

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The PA House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed an expansion to Pennsylvania’s landmark school choice program that has helped thousands of families find the best education option for their children. HB250, championed by State Representative Mike Turzai, passed with a 73% bipartisan vote; which would expand the current Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship… Read more »