Educational Resources for Parents

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Educational Options for Parents webinar: Private School resources: Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) – Find a school. Association of Classical Christian Schools – Find a school Keystone Christian Education Association (KCEA) Homeschooling Resources: Education Resource Center from the Commonwealth Foundation. Specific posts from the resource center that may be helpful: Pa. Homeschooling 101: Legal Requirements What is… Read more »

COVID-19, Churches, Schools – See PFI’s latest (and upcoming) webinars

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For the full webinar library, visit Latest webinar: SCOTUS Church Ruling, and how Governors’ Orders Impact Churches and Ministries Next webinar: Wednesday, August 5th @ 7pm – Educational Options for Parents: Learn more about Christian schools and homeschooling. Free to attend – Click here to RSVP.

Parents: Seize this Opportunity to Choose Your Children’s Education

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By: Emily Kreps As a mom here in Pennsylvania, I understand the stress that many parents are feeling and the questions we’re wondering as we approach this school year. Will Governor Wolf close the schools before they even open, or one month into opening? How long will our children have to wear masks? How can… Read more »

Op-Ed: This program offers real choices for women

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By: Alexis Stefani and Thomas Shaheen Pennsylvania has a history of supporting alternatives to abortion – and for good reason. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry preach how they want women to make their own decision about a pregnancy. This decision has three options: raise the child, allow a family to adopt the child or… Read more »

The New Gathering Capacity Limit Order Does Not Apply to Churches

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Today we want to give you a briefing on the new orders from the Governor and the PA Department Of Health announced yesterday. Many of you are most likely wondering how this order pertains to churches and church life.  1. The New Gathering Capacity Limit Order Does Not Apply to Churches. The Governor and Dr. Levine… Read more »

Little Sisters, Religious Freedom Win at SCOTUS despite PA AG Shapiro’s Legal Attack

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(HARRISBURG, PA – July 8, 2020) Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Little Sisters of the Poor v Pennsylvania, a case dealing with religious exemption to the HHS mandate requiring coverage of abortion-causing drugs in employer-sponsored insurance plans. “The Little Sisters of the Poor are heroes and should be honored for… Read more »

Further Guidance and Suggestions on Face Coverings Order

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For Pastors and Church leaders – from Kurt Weaver and our Church Ambassador Network. As promised, we wanted to give you more information in regards to the latest Universal Face Covering Order: Last Wednesday, July 1st, the Governor and Secretary of Health announced an expansion of the current Emergency In-person Operations Order (from April 15 and May 27)… Read more »

Millions granted to Planned Parenthood in PA through small business federal aid program

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Three Planned Parenthood entities in Pennsylvania listed as recipients in the Paycheck Protection Program received loans ranging between $1.7 million – $4 million. A federal loan program intended to help small businesses prevent layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic now shows that several loan recipients were Pennsylvania affiliates of Planned Parenthood – the abortion giant… Read more »

What does Pennsylvania’s new face mask order mean for churches?

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Update: See a Pastors Briefing email from Kurt Weaver (Director, Church Ambassador Network) with further insights into this new order. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has issued an updated order for face coverings and now churches across Pennsylvania are wondering how this new order pertains to churches and church life. Here are three points to… Read more »

SCOTUS Affirms School Choice [Press Release]

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Harrisburg, PA   – The Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Espinoza v. Montana case, which holds that Montana’s exclusion of religious schools from state scholarship programs funded by tax credits violates the US Constitution. Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute issued the following statement: “Private Christian and… Read more »