Powerful opening statement made in student privacy court case

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On Monday, July 17, 2017, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania held a hearing on the case Doe v Boyertown Area School District which began with the following opening statement made by Randall Wenger, Chief Counsel for the Independence Law Center. The opening statements reads as follows: May it please… Read more »

Friends of the Family Banquet Friday evening, September 22

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Since 1989, PFI has become a leader in Pennsylvania for promoting and defending the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.  Our success has not come without help though – we’ve been able to make a difference because people like you believed in our mission and stood alongside us over the years. Please save the date now for our celebration on the… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Planned Parenthood should not operate in Reading High School

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There are several reasons why the Reading School District should reject a current proposal that would invite Planned Parenthood to operate directly in the high school. 1) Taxpayers should not fund Planned Parenthood’s political activism. Here is a photo used in a presentation given to Reading School Board members by two groups – Access Matters and Planned… Read more »

Farmer Banned From Market: Why This Should Concern You

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        Steve Tennes and his wife own a working produce farm where they also host wedding ceremonies and receptions. As Catholics who believes in traditional marriage they decided the farm will not be used for same-sex wedding ceremonies. Tennes is also a long-standing member of the East Lansing Farmers’ Market, where he sells his fruit, even… Read more »

PA is #1 on this harmful list – and lawmakers want to make it worse.

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FACT: Pennsylvania already takes more money from citizens through casino gambling than any other state – even Nevada, with its Mecca, Las Vegas. There, at least, a substantial percentage of the money-losers at casinos traveled there for that purpose. It’s called “destination gambling.” Same with Atlantic City. But here in Pennsylvania, the empty wallets and pocketbooks leaving the… Read more »

Reading Planned Parenthood caught – again – misinforming women about services

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New investigation reveals Planned Parenthood Reading falsely advertising adoption referrals. Of the three options available to women who are pregnant – parenting, adoption or abortion – Planned Parenthood Reading appears to be focused solely on one option: abortion. Adoption Referrals? Planned Parenthood Reading lists “adoption referrals” as a service on their website. PA Family Institute… Read more »

State Budget Should Increase Education Tax Credits, Expand School Choice

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We’ve reached crunch time on PA budget talks here in Harrisburg and one thing you can remind your elected officials about is making sure they help more families find the best education option for their children. Two statewide programs, the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC), have provided over… Read more »

“No Politicians in Healthcare” – Planned Parenthood’s Political Hypocrisy

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It’s hard for Planned Parenthood to say politicians should stay out of anything when they are so active in political races. It’s reported that Planned Parenthood spent $830,686 on one political candidate, Jon Ossoff, who lost the recent special election in Georgia for an open congressional seat. In the 2016 elections, Planned Parenthood spent over $30… Read more »

“Government becoming my conscience” – Why you need to know Blaine Adamson’s story

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After a five-year journey through Kentucky Courts, Blaine Adamson won his case last May in the Kentucky Court of Appeals. He highlighted his journey in a trip to Pennsylvania this week in hopes of preventing others from having to endure the same. Blaine operates “Hands on Originals,” a t-shirt design business in Lexington, Kentucky. To Blaine,… Read more »

Harrisburg abortion clinic sidewalk counselor: “I’m celebrating today.”

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By: Sean Maguire As I write this, my friends and I are celebrating that Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center has been closed for more than a week. Who would celebrate that?! It sounds like a lovely place: Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center. It was a wretched place. As a staunch pro-life advocate and sidewalk counselor, I’ve always… Read more »