State Budget Should Increase Education Tax Credits, Expand School Choice

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We’ve reached crunch time on PA budget talks here in Harrisburg and one thing you can remind your elected officials about is making sure they help more families find the best education option for their children. Two statewide programs, the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC), have provided over… Read more »

“No Politicians in Healthcare” – Planned Parenthood’s Political Hypocrisy

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It’s hard for Planned Parenthood to say politicians should stay out of anything when they are so active in political races. It’s reported that Planned Parenthood spent $830,686 on one political candidate, Jon Ossoff, who lost the recent special election in Georgia for an open congressional seat. In the 2016 elections, Planned Parenthood spent over $30… Read more »

“Government becoming my conscience” – Why you need to know Blaine Adamson’s story

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After a five-year journey through Kentucky Courts, Blaine Adamson won his case last May in the Kentucky Court of Appeals. He highlighted his journey in a trip to Pennsylvania this week in hopes of preventing others from having to endure the same. Blaine operates “Hands on Originals,” a t-shirt design business in Lexington, Kentucky. To Blaine,… Read more »

Harrisburg abortion clinic sidewalk counselor: “I’m celebrating today.”

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By: Sean Maguire As I write this, my friends and I are celebrating that Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center has been closed for more than a week. Who would celebrate that?! It sounds like a lovely place: Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center. It was a wretched place. As a staunch pro-life advocate and sidewalk counselor, I’ve always… Read more »

Kutztown University changes unconstitutional policy that targeted pro-life student group

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Kutztown University of Pennsylvania has now fixed their previously-unconstitutional policy regarding chalk messages on sidewalks after purposely scrubbing away messages by a pro-life student group on campus. “The university setting should be one of the safest places for free speech,” says Jeremy Samek, Senior Counsel for Independence Law Center and served as local counsel on… Read more »

No, Senator Casey, There are More Options Than Planned Parenthood

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This week, US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) made the inaccurate assertion that the United States, and specifically Pennsylvania, needs to continue to fund Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars.1 His words cannot be farther from the truth. Casey begins his op-ed by pointing to Planned Parenthood patient Amanda Ream and failing to acknowledge the facts about… Read more »

Women and their unborn babies are safer today

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“Unborn children are safer today. Harrisburg’s Hillcrest abortion store is closed. License revoked after blatantly failing health and safety inspection. THANK YOU to all those who helped us pass SB732/HB974 (2011-2012), which requires inspections of all abortion clinics, and that they meet the same health and safety standards of other outpatient facilities. Involved citizenship makes… Read more »

More Failed Inspections, More Reasons For Abortion Clinic Regulation

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Harrisburg abortion facility fails inspection, but they’re not the only one with failures. It was a mere six years ago that Kermit Gosnell was arrested and charged with murder, along with violations of the PA Abortion Control Act, in connection with his West Philadelphia abortion facility. The horrors uncovered revealed a deep miscarriage of justice… Read more »

Amazing Photos Show Before and After Pictures of Premature Babies Born Before 24 Weeks

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This was first published in A powerful new photo series of children born at 24 weeks or earlier, holding birth pictures of themselves, is putting a spotlight on the need to protect unborn babies at this stage of pregnancy. One beautiful baby girl, Callie, just celebrated her birthday, which is something denied to other… Read more »

PA is one-vote away from putting children at risk, bringing gambling to every household

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As technology brings positive advances, it also creates new problems for old vices such as gambling. Pennsylvania’s HB 271 is a poor response to the impulsive pull of online gambling, fantasy sports games betting, and online lottery tickets. On June 7th, HB 271 was quickly and narrowly passed by the House 102-89 despite bipartisan opposition…. Read more »