His mom chose life, now he heads to the NFL Draft

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Penn State All-American linebacker Micah Parsons believes God has big plans for his life. He recently shared with Pennlive.com that his mom almost had an abortion when she got pregnant with him. She had two kids, was struggling to pay the bills, and his father was in and out of the house. She didn’t tell… Read more »

Health Committee Hearing Highlights Horrors of Abortion

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The PA House Health Committee – chaired by pro-life champion State Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren) – held a hearing last week in Harrisburg on abortion and fetal development. Three pro-life doctors made for a stellar line-up, offering incredible insight into how intricately formed babies are in the womb, even from an early age.  Thanks to… Read more »

Church Leadership Event: Standing for Truth in a Dying and Lying World

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May 7th, 9am – Noon Grace Chapel Church, Elizabethtown, PA We want to equip the pastors, staff, and any other church leader in our Commonwealth! Join us to learn more about the religious freedom issues, church engagement, cultural progressivism, a may election update, and more relevant to leading your church. We will be hearing from Michael Geer, President… Read more »

Alarmingly False Statement Made by PA Health Dept. in House Hearing on Abortion

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At a recent PA House Health Committee hearing, Keara Klinepeter, Executive Deputy Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, was asked whether medical (chemical) abortions require a face-to-face appointment with a physician. She replied, “At this time they do require a face-to-face appointment, I believe. I don’t believe we allow telemedicine abortions.” She’s wrong.  Dead… Read more »

FairPlayPA: Five Women Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Protect Fairness in Women’s Sports

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Allowing boys to compete against girls creates unfair athletic opportunities; New bill ensures an equal playing field for girls competing against girls. A coalition of PA State Representatives, led by five women legislators as prime sponsors, announced today new legislation that would protect fairness in athletic competition and equal opportunities for girls and women by… Read more »

Professor Wins Appeal in Defense of Right to Free Speech in Public University Classrooms

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Independence Law Center filed a brief in support of First Amendment freedoms.  In a win for free speech, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit overturned a lower court ruling in order to protect a professor that had been punished for using a student’s first and last name rather than using opposite-sex pronouns,… Read more »

Independence Law Center Files SCOTUS Brief Arguing for Bodily Privacy in Schools

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The Independence Law Center today filed an amici brief with the United States Supreme Court on behalf of students in the Boyertown Area School District and Wayne Highlands School District. The brief describes how students have been sexually harassed and violated when schools like Boyertown and Wayne Highlands open up locker rooms and restrooms to… Read more »

Independence Law Center applauds vote on Senate Bill 247 to Stop Religious Discrimination against Educators

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Pennsylvania’s Senate Education Committee unanimously voted its approval of Senate Bill 247, a bill that would end Pennsylvania’s religious discrimination against teachers and other educators for the wearing of religious garb.  Led by Senators Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) and Judy Schwank (D-Berks), the proposed legislation would eliminate Section 1112 of the state’s Education Code, which prohibits… Read more »

The So-Called Equality Act Harms the Vulnerable and Strips Away Religious Freedom

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The Equality Act is an effort to create a special class in law based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGI), which would penalize Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex.  Even without such laws, large corporations and academia have been busy “cancelling” contrary viewpoints on issues of human sexuality. The Equality Act… Read more »

Ask Your Congressman to Oppose Pro-Abortion COVID Relief

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