Christian Mail Carrier Discharged for Not Delivering Packages on Sunday Asks Federal Court for Judgment

February 17, 2020 | 2 comments | Posted in Religious Freedom | Tags:

(LANCASTER, PA) On Friday, February 14, a United States Postal Service (USPS) mailman filed a Motion for Summary Judgement before a federal district judge asking the court to find that the USPS violated his rights when it failed to accommodate his religious beliefs regarding work on Sundays.  Gerald Groff has been a mailman in Lancaster County for… Read more »

Proposed State Bills Would Harm Freedoms, Not Promote Tolerance and Diversity

February 3, 2020 | 6 comments | Posted in Privacy rights, Religious Freedom, Sexuality | Tags: , ,

Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect yet Senate Bill 224, Senate Bill 614 and House Bill 1404 would harm good people. Protections for religious freedom and privacy rights here in Pennsylvania are in jeopardy with a renewed push to change Pennsylvania’s non-discrimination law through Senate Bill 224, Senate Bill 614 and House Bill… Read more »

Over 50 Pennsylvania Schools Districts Violate Constitutionally Protected Student Religious Speech

January 22, 2020 | No comments | Posted in education, Free Speech, Prayer | Tags:

Independence Law Center calls for districts to remedy policy violations. (HARRISBURG, PA – January 22, 2020) Today, the Independence Law Center notified over 50 Pennsylvania school districts of their unconstitutional policies that target religious speech and are now calling on them to make the necessary changes to their policies and student handbooks. “We’re asking all… Read more »

Urgent Pro-Life Alert: If we fail to act now, abortions will expand throughout Pennsylvania.

January 21, 2020 | 5 comments | Posted in abortion, Life | Tags: ,

Planned Parenthood is actively lobbying our state legislators to disregard FDA safeguards in order to permit “abortions by video” – increasing the risk to women in order to increase their profits. Chemical abortions are already on the rise – this will make it worse. That’s why we urgently need your help. Your State Senator will… Read more »

Find a Bus from Pennsylvania for the 2020 March for Life

January 2, 2020 | No comments | Posted in abortion, Life, pro-life | Tags: ,

If you are interested in riding a bus to the March for Life on Friday, January 24th, please contact the local bus captain for more specific information. As indicated, some buses are heading to the Youth Rally happening the day before. If you know of a bus not on this list, please contact Caleb with location and contact information:… Read more »

Abortion increases in Pennsylvania, new report shows

December 31, 2019 | No comments | Posted in abortion, Life | Tags:

Over 30,000 abortions annually is a reminder of why our pro-life work is so vitally important. The Pennsylvania Department of Health just released their latest report covering the landscape of abortion in our state and it sadly shows a small increase in the number of babies killed by abortion. In 2018, there were 30,364 abortions… Read more »

PFI: Top Ten Victories from 2019

December 30, 2019 | 2 comments | Posted in Disability Rights, Family, First Amendment, Free Speech, Life, pro-life, Religious Freedom | Tags:

These victories are only possible by God’s grace and because of the financial partnership with Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) by individuals and families across the Commonwealth. To partner financially with PFI heading into the new year, please go to or call 717-545-0600. 1. Mechanicsburg Area School District students can now share Bibles with classmates…. Read more »

Pro-Life Victory: Over one-third of abortion clinics in PA have closed since 2012

December 12, 2019 | No comments | Posted in abortion, pro-life | Tags:

A new national report shows that one-third of independent abortion clinics have closed since 2012. That national trend is reflected here in Pennsylvania. Nine abortion clinics in Pennsylvania – 38% – have closed since 2012. At that time, there were 24 abortion facilities across the Commonwealth. That year (2012) marks a turning point in Pennsylvania… Read more »

Three Ways You Help Protect Life by Investing in PFI

December 3, 2019 | No comments | Posted in abortion, Life | Tags:

Pennsylvania is currently facing unprecedented attacks on efforts to protect the sanctity of human life: Governor Tom Wolf vetoing any “attack on abortion” – even the Down Syndrome Protection Act, which would have attempted to end the horrific practice of genetic selection of Down syndrome in the womb for abortion. Senator Larry Farnese, during debate… Read more »

Opinion: PA Family Institute’s work is vital to our future

November 22, 2019 | No comments | Posted in City on the Hill, Family | Tags:

By Caleb Steindel We have arrived at a crucial point in our country’s history. Our faith, family, and freedom based values are under attack, and as Christians in a secular society, we have a responsibility to fight for them. The good news is that we’ve undoubtedly witnessed some great strides and accomplishments in recent years…. Read more »