Our Primary Election Voter Guide is now available

Apr 27, 2021 | 4 comments

Pennsylvania’s Primary Election Day is less than a month away (Tuesday, May 18th) and just like every election we work to share where candidates stand on important issues to help you and so many other voters make an informed decision at the ballot box.

We’ll be voting for judicial candidates, school board, municipal officials, and four statewide ballot questions. We have surveyed the judicial candidates and a number of school board candidates across the state and are making those responses available to you.

We have additional information about the four ballot questions, which include three constitutional amendments. There are also four special elections in different parts of the state and we hope to have that information available soon.

Important: The May 18th primary is open to all registered voters to vote on the constitutional amendments and ballot question(s). However, only those registered as Democrat or Republican may vote for candidates on the ballot in their respective parties.

Voters in House districts 59 and 60 and Senate districts 22 and 48 will be voting in special elections to fill those seats. All registered voters may vote in those elections.

Visit pafamilyvoter.com for all of the voter guide information.

Lastly, this information is organized and made available free of charge thanks to the generous support given to the Pennsylvania Family Council. If you wish to support this Voter Guide effort financially, you may make a secure donation online at pafamily.org/support or give us a call.

Thank you for being an informed voter, for sharing these resources with other voters and for your support of our organization that makes these resources possible.